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Hi! I'm Super Junior's Siwon's anon~

I go around to all of the Siwon roleplayers I can find and make sure they're happy. Their happiness is my happiness.

As Siwon says all the time, God bless you all.



Banner for Shindong




Banner for Shindong


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For those who say Siwon hates homosexuals and fanboys ^_^


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kyaaa ^^

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Prepare yourself for months and months of secondhand embarrassment, gay moments, gang bang fests, jaw dropping performances, panty dropping special stages, frustrating cross dressing shows, mind blowing ballads, top notch fan service, and over all dorkiness.

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"1+1=Love" by Donghae
Super Show 6


Donghae SOLO 동해_1+1=Love_Pre-release before Super Show 6!

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140918 Siwon’s Instagram: #조심해라 규

[Trans]: Be careful Kyu

[What he really means] I got your best friend, Kyu and I’m gonna get him drunk so that he can spill all your secrets to me…hehe #stalkerules101

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eunhyuk’s type…

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This is definitely not ok.

No person deserves to be unloved, no matter how small mistakes we make in the past (fucking over 4yrs ago get over it) and make that as an excuse to hate on someone or be embarrassed of someone.

It is not okay to hate on someone because of their weight. Just because he is always smiling and joking around doesn’t mean he isn’t a human with fucking feelings like you. 

This is truly heartbreaking how people have been treating him like this for years, maybe that is a reason behind his mistakes? because haters like you bash on him before he even made those mistakes?

The hate goes far before he even made those comments, because he is ‘fat’.

If you don’t like him, at least respect him, and don’t say anything, because he fucking deserve the best ‘see you later’ before the army. He contributed so much into this group, I can’t even count how many times.

Without him, it is not Super Junior at all, and don’t you forget that your other oppas in SJ are probably smiling because of him.

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No one is useless in Super Junior.
Every member has important role in the group.
SJ is like a rainbow, every color makes it beautiful.
—cr:woonxian (via shirade)
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